LLC “OnegoKomposit company (Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk city) produces items and constructions from glass-fibre plastic, which meet a demand of sanitation-and-epidemiological rules and regulations (Sanitary-and-epidemiologic inspection report 10KC.01.000.M.001234.08.08). Their advantages are obvious: high solidity, good resistance to chemical and atmospheric influence in the range of -50 to +50.
Glass-fibre plastic items are noncorrosive and aren’t influenced by external environment so they don’t need to be protected from it. Due to its high solidity, glass-fibre plastic is flexible material, it doesn’t break, for example, when a boat runs aground. Glass-fibre plastic doesn’t absorb water, so there is no need to worry about scratches, which can be caused by stones when a boat runs aground. Glass-fibre plastic boats are as good as wooden and metal, service and maintenance don’t cost much.
The construction of boats, within permissible freight-carrying capacity, even fully flooded with water, makes them unsinkable. All produced boats meet a demand of safety standard (ROSS RU.MT 32.B1381).
At present LLC “OnegoKomposit” company offers:
• Boats (tourist boats, cargo boats, rowing boats, gliding boats);
• Cutters;
• Sledges- trailers for snowmobiles (for hand luggage transportation up to 200kg);
• Equipment for fish breeding (trays, pools, containers for live fish transportation, jet skies, biofilters);
• Swimming pools;
• Production of any items from glass-fibre plastic based on customer’s drawing;
• Floating quays;
• glass-fibre plastic maintenance of any difficulty;
• Producer price
• Products in stock
• Delivery arrangement
• Taking into account any wish of customers
• we can organize production of boats and cutters on your application and technical features, if not less than 10-20 items are ordered.

About the production plant
Working experience of the company experts – 15-20 years;
The company is one of the biggest producers of small-size boats in Russia;
All company products are certified.

We are looking for partners for cooperation in Russia or abroad, we are ready for cooperation in producing semi-finished product – products of rigging and design of customers.

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