Cutter CKK Lokki - 420 R

Cutter CKK Sorsa - 440

CLK 350 - Luxe


LLC “OnegoKomposit”

185031, Karelia, Petrozavodsk city, street Zavoskaya, 4/1

+7 (8142)70-19-95, 70-46-70

+7 (8142)70-19-95, 70-47-99, 74-12-64

About the company

Since 2000 experts of the company have been producing floating crafts from glass-fibre plastic – cutters, power and rowing boats, artel fishing boats, floating quays, floating navigation marks (beacons). Another sphere of business is equipment for fish breeding (pools, fish shutes) from glass-fibre plastic, sledge-trailers to snowmobiles.

Goods, service
1. Shipbuilding. Navigation.
• Civil shipbuilding
• Catcher boats
• Boats for coastal fish breeding farm (production)

2. Small-sized boats
• Cutters and power boats (production)
• Rowing boats (production)
• Boats for shipment transportation (production)
• Boats for fishing (production)

3. Body of boats
• Case of boats from plastics, glass fibre and glass-fibre plastic (production)

4. Equipment for fish breeding
• Equipment for fish business and fish breeding
• Pools from glass-fibre plastic for fish breeding enterprises (production)
• Containers for live fish transportation (production)
• Equipment for fish breeding farms (production)
• Fish breeding equipment from glass-fibre plastic (production)

5. Other products
• Floating glass-fibre plastic quays (production)
• Floating and ground-based navigation marks

6. Bumper and spoiler maintenance of trucks

7. Sledge-trailers to snowmobiles (production)

If there is constant demand, we’ll develop and produce any equipment from fibre-glass plastic you want.

Licences and certificates

1) Certificate of conformance Ross RU.MT32.B1381
2) Quality management system ISO 9001
3) Sanitary-and-epidemiologic inspection report 10KC.01.000.M.001234.08.08
4) Hygienic description of products for sanitary-and-epidemiologic inspection report
5) Enclosure for sanitary-and-epidemiologic inspection report
6) Sanitary-and-epidemiologic inspection report 10.KC.03.229.P.000464.06.09

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