Cutter CKK Lokki - 420 R

Cutter CKK Sorsa - 440

CLK 350 - Luxe


LLC “OnegoKomposit”

185031, Karelia, Petrozavodsk city, street Zavoskaya, 4/1

+7 (8142)70-19-95, 70-46-70

+7 (8142)70-19-95, 70-47-99, 74-12-64

Cutter CKK Kotka-610


A cutter is for water tourism, patrol force at reservoirs and also for sport events at water. The biggest length: 6,10m The biggest width: 2,10m Height at midship section: 1,1m Draught with full displacement: 0,40m Full displacement: 1,8ton Seaworthiness: up to 4 points Amount of passengers: 5 people Maximum speed with full displacement: 68km/h Cruising range per fuel margin: 150km Case mass: 700 kg Freight-carrying capacity: 700kg Height of wave – 1,20m PLA capacity – up to 150 h.p.
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